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Going wild at Portsmouth, Dominica 2014 Carnival
Going wild at Portsmouth, Dominica 2014 Carnival

Portsmouth, Dominica 2014 Carnival
Portsmouth, Dominica 2014 Carnival
Keturah in St. Barths
Keturah in St. Barths

Sunset in St. Barths
Sunset in St. Barths
Fileting yellow-fin tunas in Boddam, Chagos, British Indian Ocean Territories.
An old lady on the steps of the church in Siquijor, Philippines.
The crew in Chuuk before leaving for the remote islands of Micronesia.
Coconut drinking while sailing in Micronesia
Drinking coconuts and sailing in Chuuk lagoon.
Cape Point South Africa
Cape Point next to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
Apostles South Africa
The Apostles, Cape Town, South Africa.
Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.
Antigua harbor turquoise water
Classic mega yachts at Nelson Dockyard Antigua
Fabulous classic yachts at Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua.

Freeman Bay, Antigua.
Bryce helming on the way to Dominica.
Friends in Dominica: Francis and Eddison, Portsmouth, Dominica.
Anna at sunset in Portsmouth, Dominica.
Street scene in Rouseau, Dominica.
The jungle behind Portsmouth, Dominica.
Curious lizard in the jungle behind Portsmouth, Dominica.
Middelham Falls, Dominica.

Amazing sunset in Palawan, Philippines.
Daniel sailing the dinghy in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia.
The Pitons, St. Lucia.
Golpar's birthday cake in Chateaubelair, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Josef in Cumberland Bay, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Saray enjoys the waters off Petit Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Golpar strolling the beach in Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Miki and Ida relaxing on the bow of Keturah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Tobago Cays, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Me in the Philippines.
Robert does Di Caprio while sailing to Tyrrell Bay, Carriacou, Grenada.
Keturah from above.

Untanned Marinka at Annandale falls, Grenada.
Jarett and Marinka at Gouyave, Grenada.
Jarett and Marinka sailing.

Sunset in Galle, Sri Lanka.
The immaculate Playa de Americano beach on Blanquilla island, Venezuela.
Sunrise in Los Roques, Venezuela.

Jarett being towed by Keturah. Los Roques, Venezuela.

Cayo de Agua, Los Roques, Venezuela.

Flipping in Cayo de Agua, Venezuela.

Plenty of lobsters (for those who look for them!) in Cayo de Agua, Los Roques, Venezuela.

Ile du Coin, Chagos, British Indian Ocean Territories
Marinka Deyana and Giulia in Bonaire.

Klein Curacao, Bonaire.
Keturah, Miki and Giulia in Klein Curacao, Bonaire.
Fouquet Island, Chagos, BIOT.

Giant Coconut crab in Boddam, Chagos, BIOT.

Ile Fouquet, Chagos, BIOT.

Dolphins following Keturah on her way to Rodrigues.

Giant turtles on Rodrigues island, Mauritius.
Mauritius from the plane.

Golden baobab. Nosy Hara, Madagascar.
Ken with his very own "thousand miles" cake. Cap d'Ambre, Madagascar.

Traditional dhows in Nosy Be, Madagascar.

Nosy Be street scene, Madagascar.

Nosy Be street scene, Madagascar.
Nosy Be street scene, Madagascar.

Male black lemur, Nosy Komba, Madagascar.

Female lemur, Nosy Komba, Madagascar.

Girl in nosy Komba, Madagascar.

Nosy Mitsio, Madagascar.

Children of Russian Bay, Madagascar.
Russian Bay, Madagascar.

Friends giggling. Morambe bay, Madagascar.

Half moon, eagle and baobab. Moramba bay, Madagascar.

First landfall in Mozambique: fishermen welcoming us. Primeras Islands.

Inviting over a campload of Mozambican fishermen for coffee. Islas Primeras.

A seal seeking attention in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

One of the views from Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Approaching St. Helena, Southern Atlantic Ocean.

The 699 steps in Jamestown, St. Helena.

Transat. Atlantic crossing.

The route from South Africa to Brazil on our Atlantic Ocean crossing.

Surfer of Cabedelo, Brazil.

Building in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

Street art in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.
Seller of Caju in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

Concert in the basilica of Olinda during MIMO festival. Olinda, Recife, Brazil.

The view from the hills surrounding Olinda, Recife, Brazil.

Dancers during Olinda's street carnival. Brazil.

Barrels of lobster tails being weighted in the fishing harbor of Luis Correia, Parnaiba, Brazil.

A pro-alcohol dance club where your dancing is guaranteed! Parnaiba, Brazil.

So far we crossed the equator line already five times.

A girl in Cayenne, French Guyana.
Traditional Haitian dancing in the main square of Cayenne, French Guyana.

Degrad de Cannes, French Guyana.
Fort Amsterdam, Suriname.

Fort Amsterdam, Suriname.

Zoe bathing in the black waters in the Surinamese jungle.

"Where the road ends" and the untouched Amazon Jungle begins. Suriname.

Dolphins near Chagos.
Our company in most passages.

Rasta shop in Hillsborough, Carriacou, Grenada.

Tropical fruit in Grenada.

Stunning Sandy Island in Carriacou, Grenada.

Laurie and Jessamyn at Saba Rock in the British Virgin Islands.

Awaiting the bus during Suva Christmas shopping. Suva, Fiji.

Children of N'gau, Fiji.

Gangsta youth at the Honiara market. Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Makongai sunset. Fiji.

Sunset in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

WWII Japanese tanks abandoned in Satawan island. Micronesia.

Cecilia paddling an outrigger canoe in Satawan, Micronesia.

Nobina in Chuuk, Micronesia.

Girl of Puluwat, Micronesia.

Going sailing on a traditional Micronesian outrigger canoe. Puluwat, Micronesia.

Paul illustrates the workings of a perfect miniature outrigger ship. Ifalik, Micronesia.

Relaxing in the Rock Islands, Palau.
Buknoy, pet sea turtle of the Tubbataha Reef rangers. Philippines.

Luc sailing towards Sri Lanka.

Penguins of Simonstown, South Africa.

Goerge's Town, Grenada.

Underwater sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor in Grenada.

Giulia and Marinka in Spanish Water, Curacao.

Swimming with dolphins in Klein Curacao, Bonaire.

Dolphins checking us out in Klein Curacao, Bonaire.

Giulia in Klein Bonaire.

Corals in Chuuk lagoon. Micronesia.

Lobster caught in Olimarao, Micronesia.

Partying in Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Unstoppable Marco having a panoramic view of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Saray became a passion fruit addict in Mustique, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Carlos in the Kudat boatyard in Borneo, Malaysia.

Golpar and Saray.

In Borneo.

Meeting locals in Vanuatu.

View from the extinct volcano of 'Nguna, Vanuatu.

Ageless partying in Olinda, Recife, Brazil.

Vohemar, Madagascar.

We saw hundreds of humpback whales jumping and spinning on the approach to Cap d'Ambre, Madagascar.

Whales slapping their tails on the water off Cap d'Ambre, Madagascar.

Almost a collision with a humpback whale off Cap d'Ambre, Madagascar.

Sunset in Nosy Lakandava, Madagascar.

Looking for a sandy anchoring spot amongst the coral reefs of Sandy Island, Chuuk, Micronesia.

Traditional sailing canoes of Puluwat departing for Pikelot, Micronesia.

Jamestown, St. Helena.

View from one of the highest points in St. Helena.

A massive hermit crab inside a lambi conch shell. Grenada.

Laurie snorkeling over the coral reef of Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands.

And yet another lobster in Cumberland Bay, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Anemone in Tobago Cays, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Laurie at the Baths, British Virgin Islands.

Friends from Tanna island proudly show me their latest toddlers. Vanuatu.

Corals in Truk lagoon. Micronesia.

Girl from Andranoaombi bay, Madagascar.

Boy from Andranoaombi bay hoping to receive (more) candy, Madagascar.

Boys from Choiseul, Solomon Islands.

Cecilia on a sandbar in Taro Island, Choiseul, Solomon Islands.

Studying satellite pictures of reefs around Choiseul, Solomon Islands.

Curious children from Savo Island, Solomon Islands.

Hand stitching sails by hand in Nuugurigia (Mortlock), Papua New Guinea.

Carlos taking advantage of a hammock on the beach of Mantanani Island, Borneo, Malaysia.

Swimming with sharks, a daily fact of life in Peros Banhos, Chagos, BIOT.


Traditional dancing in Ifalik, Micronesia.

Girl of Ifalik, Micronesia.

Large sting ray in Ile du Diamant, Chagos, BIOT.

Birds in Chagos, BIOT.

A curious turtle in Boddam swimming along us for several minutes. Chagos, BIOT.

Children of Tanna seeing a white man for the first time. Vanuatu.


More sharks!

And a giant sea turtle that came within 3 ft from me in order to take a good look.

"Where can we buy coca cola?"..."over there!". Russell Island, Solomon Islands.

Eagle spotted sting ray.