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Keturah is about getting to remote spots unspoiled by our materialistic values and ways. The boat is our home and life and our mean to reach places where no airplane or ferry arrives, places no travel guide has yet written about.
Moving through the seas is an unique way to get where tourists as such are unknown, to get in touch with peoples scattered in remote islands and villages, where your enthusiasm and friendliness are valued more than your bank account.
A boat is a place where everything renews itself day after day, everyday something new to do, learn, explore, see, understand or figure out.
Enjoying time on Keturah means enjoying not having a schedule to adhere to, a set crew wanted sailing, sail crew wanted, sailboat crew wanted, sailing crew wanted, wanted crew, yacht crew wantedrole, a predigested route, but going with the flow of nature and chance. Whether a reef teeming with colorful life, a village where few or no westerner has been before, a new challenge with some boat project, yacht Keturah wants to thread lightly, and everything within the boat's limits is done to pollute as little as possible.
Loving nature, cultures, being excited at a horizon concealing new adventures and questions, making it through the challenges that ocean voyaging poses on a daily basis is what makes your time aboard unique and memorable.
Our average day includes a mix of good sailing, swimming, hiking, snorkeling, reading, relaxing, making new friends, music, discovering, exploring, tasting and maybe surfing, climbing etc. in some beautiful and amazing locations. But it also can be a mix of frenzied action, hard work, hours of tedious slow sailing in a sweltering calm day, hours of gazing at waves, stars, birds or beaches...waiting somewhere for parts, or struggling to fix something with some creative solution.